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Brand: Ammeltz SKU: 126053
Air-activated heat patch generates heats up to 40°C. The natural therapeutic heat will lasts for 8 hours and helps relieve menstrual pain. Unique curve-size heat patch of length and width 14 x 7cm can stick fitly and firmly around lower abdomen. Effectively improve blood circulation, reduce symptoms..
RM 10.89
Brand: Ammeltz SKU: 126052
relieves neck and shoulder pain, muscle stiffness and fatigue. Unique U-shaped design allows it to adhere fitly and firmly to clothing around both the back and sides of the neck and the shoulders. It ensures the therapeutic heat to radiate through the affected areas and penetrate to the source of pa..
RM 10.89
Brand: Ammeltz SKU: 111877
Ammeltz Yoko Yoko is the smell less formulaton of Ammeltz for stiff shoulder and muscular pain. Outstanding effect against shoulder stiffness and muscular ache. Less smell Easy-to-apply new bottle..
RM 24.60
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Brand: Ammeltz SKU: 111829
Apply a proper amount to affected area 2 or 3 times a day...
RM 16.40
Brand: Ammeltz SKU: 100877
AMMELTZ YOKO YOKO, non-sticky liquid formula is easy to apply, provides quick penetration and fast relieve to muscle pain and stiff shoulders. It can also be used for lower back pain, joint pain, bruises and sprains. For external use only...
RM 17.35
Brand: KOOL FEVEL SKU: 111870
KOOLFEVER is ready to use as it is when your child or any of your family member becomes feverish. At the same time the refreshing mint scene helps to ease stuffy nose. Adhesive cooling gel sheets that well fits onto child’s forehead stays well in place even when user turns in bed. Cooling sensatio..
RM 16.65
Brand: KOOL FEVEL SKU: 124489
Ready to use when baby has sudden fever. Chill the cooling gel sheets into refrigerator for a better cooling sensation. Adhesive cooling gel sheet that well fits onto baby’s forehead stays well in place even when baby turns in bed. Contains with no fragrance and no coloring, thus gentle on bab..
RM 8.90
Brand: KOOL FEVEL SKU: 125481
- Removes tough soap scum & grime -Disinfects by killing 99.9% of viruses and bacteria -Leaves a fresh scent -Leaves surfaces sparkling clean -For fast & easy cleaning -For use on enamel, plastic, porcelain, bathtubs and sinks..
RM 12.40
Brand: KOOL FEVEL SKU: 125480
- Removes tough soap scum & grime -Disinfects by killing 99.9% of viruses and bacteria -Leaves a fresh scent -Leaves surfaces sparkling clean -For fast & easy cleaning -For use on enamel, plastic, porcelain, bathtubs and sinks..
RM 14.90
Brand: KOOL FEVEL SKU: 113915
KOOLFEVER Refreshing Mint can be used for fever with stuffy nose for children. Refreshing mint fragrance helps promote smooth breathing while its cooling effect effectively helps bring down the temperature of the fever for the whole night (up to 8 hours per sheet). Mint fragrance & Natural mint oi..
RM 13.11
Brand: KOOL FEVEL SKU: 126051
KOOLFEVER Soft Cooling Gel Pillow can be used for fever, sleepless and humid night. It retains soft and cushiony texture as it contains special cooling gel that does not become frozen in the freezer (at -20 ̊C). The soft gel fits the natural contour of the head and neck...
RM 24.33
Brand: NA SKU: 111833
-10ml -Instantly rehydrate and lubricate dry, tired or irritated eyes. specially formulated to help your eyes tackle aspects of modern living, such as contact lenses wear, computer usage, driving, air conditioning / central heating and polluted atmospheres. -made with purified water and are safe for..
RM 10.85
Brand: NA SKU: 111831
Optrex Eye Lotion is a medicated lotion which provides active relief for sore, irritated, dusty and tired eyes. To leave your eyes feeling soothed, cooled, refreshed and cleansed...
RM 28.99
Brand: Vicks SKU: 128221
On snuffly days or too-cool nights, comfort your little one with a relaxing, chest-clearing massage using Vicks Baby Balsam. The TLC-ombination of Mummy’s warm, loving touch and a small dab of this soothing balm can take care of less sniffles and more happy cuddles in the nursery...
RM 17.05
Brand: Vicks SKU: 111902
Vicks® VapoRub™ topical ointment—the #1-selling branded children’s cough cold product* appropriate for ages two and up—is a topical cough medicine with medicated vapors. It starts working quickly for adults as well to relieve cough symptoms, and is not likely to cause drowsiness or jittery side effe..
RM 17.95
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