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Brand: Catsan SKU: 103280
Catsan Clumping Cat Litter is a top quality cat litter made from naturally occurring Calcium Bentonite. When wet, the clay particles quickly absorb moisture and form small well-defined clumps. These clumps can be easily removed, thus, leaving the tray always clean and fresh...
RM 15.99
Brand: Catsan SKU: 103284
High efficiency in controlling odors before they can develop. Rapidly absorb moisture like a sponge, safely locking it in. Active ingredients prevent the growth of bacteria. The litter tray remains visibly clean and hygienic...
RM 17.39
Brand: Cesar SKU: 103291
Cesar beef & liver flavor just made mealtime even more delicious. Your pooch will come running for the great taste with exceptional palatability that tempts even the fussiest dogs. Complete and balanced nutrition for small dogs, fortified with vitamins and minerals...
RM 4.60
Brand: Cesar SKU: 103294
Dogs love the great taste of CESAR Wet Dog Food. Crafted without grains and with Beef as the #1 ingredient, CESAR Beef Recipe Classic Loaf in Sauce is guaranteed to tempt even the fussiest eater. CESAR Canine Cuisine provides the complete and balanced nutrition your dog needs, with the taste and var..
RM 4.60
Brand: Cesar SKU: 103292
Cesar Lamb wet dog food provides balanced nutrition for adult dogs. Not only is Cesar Lamb a healthy choice but is a very tasty selection of meaty chunks and vegetables such as potatoes, and healthy carrots and peas for your pooch to enjoy. Cesar, love them back!..
RM 4.60
Brand: Friskies SKU: 103313
FRISKIES INDOOR DELIGHTS is formulated to help control hairball for indoor cats. Fibre in the formula helps control and sweeps the hairball through the digestive system and gets rid of them through natural bowel movement...
RM 18.80
Brand: Friskies SKU: 103229
this canned cat food variety pack features three distinct flavors that help to keep feeding time interesting. It includes prime filets with ocean whitefish and tuna in sauce, prime filets with salmon and beef in sauce and filets chicken and tuna dinner in gravy...
RM 8.60
Brand: Friskies SKU: 103304
Give your cats the best of land and sea together with FRISKIES® Surfin\' FavouritesTM dry cat food! With flavours of mackerel, tuna, salmon and sardine, it contains protein, essential fatty acids, Omega 3 & 6, antioxidants and Vitamin A to maintain lean muscles and support healthy skin and coat...
RM 8.60
Brand: Katoto SKU: 127748
Ocean Fish Dry Food offers your adult cat valuable protein with selection of fish. It contains nutrients to support on hairball control, reduces odour, and helps maintain your feline’s dental hygiene...
RM 11.98
Brand: Pedigree SKU: 103285
These tasty dental treats are clinically proven to help fight plaque and tartar build-up.The special texture helps clean between teeth and down to the gum line...
RM 8.49
Brand: Pedigree SKU: 103286
Pedigree® DentaStix® comes with unique X-Shape. With abrasive & chewy texture and active ingredients like Zinc Sulphate & STPP, Pedigree DentaStix helps reduce plaque and tartar build up to keep your dogs\' teeth and gum healthy so they can be happy everyday...
RM 7.99
Brand: Pedigree SKU: 103233
Hearty, healthy, and tasty—these meaty recipes feature 5 different meats that dogs love. Minced meat are highly digestible, so nutrients are easily absorbed. And it contains optimal levels of oil and minerals to nourish skin & coat...
RM 6.98
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