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Brand: CKC SKU: 113666
360GM Traditional biscuits with a semi-moist brown sugar filling. During baking, part of the filling invariably oozes out resulting in a slight chewy texture...
RM 6.25
Brand: CKC SKU: 113652
12GM Contains citronella oil and is used as mosquito and insect repellent...
RM 6.85
Brand: CKC SKU: 113651
15GM Relieves minor colds, muscle aches/pains, and reduce inflammation from insect bites...
RM 6.80
Brand: CKC SKU: 113646
60ML Premium grade Nutmeg Oil...
RM 45.35
Brand: CKC SKU: 113670
180GM Premium grade fruit salad dressing..
RM 6.75
Brand: CKC SKU: 113662
Tambun Biscuit is the baby version of Tow Sar Bing. -It came about in the early days when our Founder realized that the normal Tow Sar Bing was rather too big to regarded as finger food. Hence, he decided to reduce the size to almost that of a ping pong ball. -640gm..
RM 13.80
Brand: Ghee Hiang SKU: 106520
Specially catered to those who prefer small bite-sized. Each piece with sweet and salty filling of green beans is delicately handcrafted to satisfy your taste bud...
RM 11.90
Brand: NA SKU: 103436
RM 8.58
SKU: 103420
RM 5.10
SKU: 120380
Allergy Advice: including Cereals Containing GLUTEN & EGG. Certified by HACCP, GMP & ISO22000 HALAL Approved by JAKIM..
RM 11.65
SKU: 120379
Your favourite Ipoh classic snacks with a modern twist! Available in 2 different flavours: - Honey Shat Kek Ma (Original) - Brown Sugar Honey Shat Kek Ma..
RM 11.65
SKU: 125745
This is made from famous Loke Kee confectionary from Ipoh. It is made from real Musang King durian which is widely known for its fragrance and durian sweetness...
RM 13.60
SKU: 103490
Shat Kek Ma the name may sound a bit strange, but this is one awesomely delicious biscuit snack. Deep fried flour biscuits are packed together and bound by a delicious caramel to give you a heavenly, crunchy honeycomb snack!..
RM 8.65
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