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Brand: Chek Hup SKU: 105388
Made from fresh melon, it\'s white, tastes sweet, tender inside but crispy outside. Ideal for: Baking. Dessert syrups...
RM 5.25
Brand: Chek Hup SKU: 106418
Chek Hup Honey Rock Sugar is produced from sugarcane juice at a lower fire temperature. It completely retains the sweetness and nutrients of sugarcane and has the characteristics of nourishing and refreshing. It adds chrysanthemum and honey to increase the nutrients and various nourishing effects...
RM 3.30
Brand: Chek Hup SKU: 104190
Our founder\'s passion for quality natural ingredients built our company on high-quality rock sugar. Later in 1965, Chek Hup was born in Ipoh, Malaysia. Crystallised over 14 days, our rock sugar is a healthier Low Glycemic Index (GI) alternative to white sugar...
RM 4.10
Brand: Chek Hup SKU: 105390
Refined through a unique crystallisation process for optimal sweetness with a mild sugar cane flavour. IDEAL FOR: Dessert syrups...
RM 3.08
Brand: Equal SKU: 103395
Equal Classic Sweetener Sticks taste great and dissolve quickly making them the perfect choice for zero calorie sweetness! Ingredients: Lactose (Milk product), Sweetener(Aspartame 36 mg), anticaking agent( silicon dioxide)...
RM 15.60
Brand: Equal SKU: 133085
-Equal is a great way to enjoy the taste of sugar without all of the colories of sugar. -Equal contains protein components like those found naturally in everyday foods such as meats, dairy product and grain. -Equal Tablet are the perfect way to sweeten your favourite bevarage. -Each tablet dissolv..
RM 25.50
Brand: Kings SKU: 105106
We are Made in India FSSAI licensed company. {SWEETNESS OF INDIA}: Our premium Castor Sugar Powder is superfine powdered sugar which is perfect for preparing rich and smooth icings. Castor sugar powder is used as sweetener for all your in-house baking needs and recipes and is a must have product in ..
RM 4.40
Brand: Kings SKU: 105107
Bake King Bake&Cook Icing Sugar is used as a colourful topping and decoration for cakes, cookies and other desserts. It is great for making frostings and for dusting over cakes and treats. Bake King Bake&Cook Icing Sugar is used as a colourful topping and decoration for cakes, cookies and other dess..
RM 4.65
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