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Oval in size with a smaller seed compare to the others country's avocado. ..
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Brand: NA SKU: 112709
The Ya pear is also called Chinese white pear, is one variety of the fruit. It was found in northern China, where it was grown for food. These pears are very sweet (★★★☆☆)  juicy, crunchy, and fragrant. They have a skin that is pale white to light yellow, and the inside is white..
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Brand: NA SKU: 112579
Red Dragon fruit also called Pitaya is Sesame-sized, oblong in shape with a brilliant pink to red appearance with green tip overlapping rind that makes the fruit unique from others. The interior is red in colour and the flesh tastes sweet, its seeds are embedded throughout the flesh. Although the ti..
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Brand: NA SKU: 122144
A nutritious, tasty, green kiwifruit that is full bodied, full of healthy benefits and famous for its digestive effects. ..
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Brand: NA SKU: 112718
Packham pears are medium to large in size and are irregular in shape with a bulbous, wide bottom that tapers to a smaller rounded neck with a slender, dark brown stem. Similar in appearance to a bartlett pear, the skin transforms from green to pale yellow when ripe and is covered in patches of russe..
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Brand: NA SKU: 125475
SA Grapefruit interior has a deep red color of flesh. It’s a most pigmented grapefruit and seeded. The flesh contains high juice amount and taste is semi-sweet and sour. It is a very healthy fruit also known to accelerate weight loss. ..
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Brand: NA SKU: 112632
-Improved eye health -These nutrients are essential for maintaining eye health -Cell protection -May support immune system -Improved heart health..
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