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Brand: Pertiwi SKU: 113146
Ayam Pertiwi Smoked Chicken Cocktail range with bite-sized sausages. Comes with a unique taste and can be enjoyed as a main dish for the whole family. Ingredients Chicken, Water, Food Starch, Chicken Fat, Tapioca Starch (Modified), Salt, Soy Protein, Sugar, Spices, Emulsifier (Sodium Tripolyphos..
RM 17.05
Brand: Ayamas SKU: 113084
-Ingredients: Chicken meat, water, chicken fat, palm oil, modified tapioca starch, salt, spices (black pepper, white pepper), sugar, milk protein, onion, emulsifier (E451), seasoning (permitted flavor enhancer (E621, E627, E631, yeast extract), anti caking agent (E551), hydrolysed vegetable protein)..
RM 6.50
Brand: Ayamas SKU: 113086
Ayamas Premium Hotdog Cheese 235G (6 Batang) -Ayamas brings you the Premium Chicken Frankfurter range that is stuffed with cheese. Tastes o good, even a small whiff of the delicious cheesy chicken sausages will guarantee to whet your appetite. -Suitable for: Steamboat, Barbeque, Soup, Oden, Breakfas..
RM 6.50
Brand: Ayamas SKU: 113087
Ayamas Bebola Ayam 450g -Ayamas’ famous Chicken Meatballs are easy to cook and eat! Quality assured, and containing no Trans Fat, Preservatives or MSG, this Ayamas dish is also easily loved by everyone...
RM 9.00
Brand: Ayamas SKU: 113090
Ayamas Hotdog Ayam 340G (10 Batang) -No trans fat, Halal - Malaysia Chicken Frankfurters -This original Ayamas Chicken Frankfurters are a high quality assured product, containing no trans-fat or MSG. It’s halal and can be prepared in a variety of ways that is great for the whole family. -Suitable..
RM 6.15
Brand: Ayamas SKU: 119628
Ayamas Premium Chicken Meatball with Mushroom are juicy, flavourful and everyone loves them! Serve them as an appetizer with your favourite dipping sauce or as a main course with a salad, over noodles or in a sandwich. //450G..
RM 12.40
Brand: Ayamas SKU: 113149
Tempura Chicken Nuggets are small pieces of crispy, fluffy golden brown battered chicken breast pieces. A classic Japanese recipe that is used in many recipes...
RM 17.40
Brand: Ayamas SKU: 113093
Ayamas Golden Chicken Nuggets have always been the crowd favourite. Coated with crunchy golden bread crumbs, this snack contains no trans-fat, preservatives or MSG and will always be the winning choice with everybody, anytime. // 850G ..
RM 16.50
Brand: Ayamas SKU: 113138
500GM Delicious peppery taste of these bite-sized chicken sausages is guaranteed to whet your appetite. Ayamas presents the Premium Chicken Cocktail range, seasoned with aromatic black pepper..
RM 12.70
Brand: C & G SKU: 113166
Ingredients: Potatoes,Palm oil Storage Guidelines • Keep frozen at -18C • Do not defrost once thawed do not refreeze DEEP FRY • Preheat fryer to 175°c • Fill fryer basket no more than half full • Deep fry for 3-5 minutes or until golden brown..
RM 14.70
Brand: C & G SKU: 123574
Frozen french fries spicy wedges..
RM 14.30
Brand: Cb SKU: 132896
Made up of creamy milk, rich dark, and white chocolate, it comes with a mildly sweet and delicious taste. The spiral mini mantou is perfect to give gifts to friends and special ones. An ideal dessert to add sweetness to your parties and get together!..
RM 6.20
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