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Brand: Adabi SKU: 104134
Spice up your day with a burst of flavour from Adabi Hot & Tangy Paste! Best cooked with stingray, snapper (red or golden), barramundi and Spanish mackerel. A 70g packet is suitable for 2 – 3 servings. Tip: Great when paired with Adabi Tom Yam Paste to create an Oden-inspired dish!..
RM 2.29
Brand: Adabi SKU: 120273
White Salt..
RM 1.75
Brand: Adabi SKU: 103789
Produce by using high quality of various spices from hereditary make cuisine of fish curry more delicious in your dishes everytimes...
RM 6.00
Brand: Adabi SKU: 128654
-suitable for cooking stingray, puffer fish, pomfret fish and mackerel fish. -suitable for grilling with 2 fish (2 - 3 people) mackerel, pomfret and barramundi...
RM 2.30
-10 %
Brand: Adabi SKU: 104037
Craving a home-cooked meal? Why not make it yourself, with Adabi Fried Rice Paste for the perfect quick and tasty fried rice! Suitable for all consumers, as it is non-spicy. A 30g packet is recommended for 400g of white rice (two servings) while a 120g packet is recommended for 1kg of white rice (si..
RM 2.10 RM 1.90
Brand: Adabi SKU: 103883
Who says eating healthy can be tasty too? Adabi Fried Vegetable Paste elevates your greens to whole new (delicious) level. Ideal for cooking water spinach, mustard greens, brinjal and bean sprouts...
RM 2.10
Brand: Adabi SKU: 104251
Adabi Thai Tom Yam Paste is every discerning Thai food lover's secret weapon, with its authentic taste and distinct aroma! This serves up red soup and is more spicy compared to Adabi Seafood Tom Yam Paste. Great for those who love it H-O-T...
RM 8.65
Brand: Adabi SKU: 104006
Adabi Mee Hoon Soup Powder is specially-formulated for preparing mee hoon soup dish. Quick and easy to prepare. ..
RM 1.40
Brand: Adabi SKU: 119429
Adabi Malaysian stir fried rice mix especially for chicken with spring onion flakes for authentic taste. It is certified by Halal...
RM 1.15
Brand: Adabi SKU: 104209
Authentic taste of chinese-style fried rice. Comes in 5 different flavours; Chicken Fried Rice Powder, Chinese Fried Rice Powder, Kampung Fried Rice Powder, Anchovy Fried Rice Powder and Tom Yam Fried Rice Powder. A Bumiputera product certified halal by JAKIM...
RM 1.15
Brand: Adabi SKU: 119430
Adabi Malaysian stir fried rice mix especially for anchovies (ikan bilis). It is tasty with original anchovies and easy to cook. It is certified by Halal...
RM 1.15
Brand: Adabi SKU: 119431
Tom Yam Fried Rice Powder is for those consumers who prefers Thai food sweet, hot and sour. It contains the best ingredients and keeps the standard of the exquisite thai tom yam fried rice...
RM 1.15
Brand: Adabi SKU: 103919
RM 1.40
Brand: Adabi SKU: 103966
Take your taste buds on a culinary journey to Southern Thailand with Adabi Thai Soup Paste, for the ultimate spiced soup! ..
RM 2.10
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