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Brands: L'Oreal Paris
Refreshes and tones. Clean makeup. Protects skin\'s natural. Moisture Level.For all skin types.Moisturising cleanser developed to meet the needs of dry and sensitive skin. Its creamy texture smoothes and comforts the skin...
RM 34.85
Brands: Maybelline
-Gently removes waterproof mascara, eye and lip makeup instantly. -This formula is tough on stubborn makeup but ultra gentle on eyes. Available in 40ml, 70ml and 150ml​. Benefits: Tough on stubborn makeup but ultra gentle on eyes and lips...
RM 22.90
Brands: L'Oreal Paris
Instantly removes the most stubborn eye and lip make-up, even waterproof. So gentle it is suitable for senstitive eyes. Dermatologically and ophthalmologically tested...
RM 34.85
Brands: Garnier
These stir-fried instant noodles are spicy and deliciously enriched with spices. It is like having a mamak stall in your kitchen. ..
RM 33.70
-20 %
Brands: Garnier
Create your own taste with these slim noodles. These vegan and fat free noodles provide a healthier choice and are ideal in stir-fries or soups. ..
RM 16.90 RM 13.50
Brands: Bio Essence
Powerful yet gentle formula which removes makeup without harsh tugging. Non-greasy and non-sticky to the skin. Free from mineral oil, suitable for sensitive skin. Ideal PH, extremely gentle on skin and suitable for all sensitive skin...
RM 49.25
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