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Brands: Similac
• 2’-FL is a unique prebiotic that nourishes your child’s body defense system as it feeds good bacteria in the gut, providing a healthy gut environment1 -2’-FL is proven to nourish your child’s first line of defense system in the gut1 With a stronger body defense, your child is able to learn fearl..
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Brands: Pedia Sure
The child nutritional supplement scientifically proven for catch-up growth..
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Brands: Friso
Friso Gold 3 contains DHA, AA and SA, essential nutrients that aid a growing child's overall development. With Friso Gold Frisoshield P2 Dual System, you can allow your child to explore his world and at the same time, giving you pease of mind at work...
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Brands: Dutch Baby
-DHA contains 6.2mg/100ml. -Protein builds and repairs body tissues. -Calcium aids in the development of strong bones & teeth. -AA contains 6.2mg AA/100ml. -Vit D supports the absorption of Calcium...
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Brands: Friso
- Produced in The Netherlands - For pregnant and lactating women - With Frisoshield and protection lid - Great taste of vanilla - Low in fat - Contains vitamin C & essential nutrients..
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Brands: Enfalac
- Calcium aids in the development of strong bones and teeth - Magnesium promotes Calcium absorption and retention. - Vitamin D helps the body utilize Calcium and phosphorus..
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Brands: Enfalac
900GM Product details: -Enfalac A+ Step 2 ( 650g ) (6-18 month) 2 Packs -Enfalac A+ Rumusan Susulan Step 2 -For Baby 6 Month to 18 Month Features: -Dietary Fibers -Approved level for DHA and ARA functional claim..
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Brands: Enfalac
Enfalac Step 1 with Iron is a well-balanced and complete infant formula for baby's first 12 months. It also contains Alpha-linolenic Acid and Linoleic Acid. Now also contains dietary fibers and Choline..
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Brands: Sustagen
Sustagen is a nutritious milk scientifically formulated by Mead Johnson. -Important nutrients found in Food Groups from the Food Pyramid^. -DHA: is found abundantly in the brain. -Fiber (Inulin): helps increase intestinal Bifidobacteria and help maintain a good intestinal environment. -Source of..
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Brands: Isomil
Isomil® Plus is the preferred soy-based formula for kids aged 1 - 10 years old. It\'s formulated for children : - Suffering from Cow\'s Milk Protein Allergy (CMPA) - Who have lactose intolerance - Who have common feeding problems - On a vegetarian diet..
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Brands: Isomil
SIMILAC ISOMIL (1) GOLD 850G -Enriched with important vitamins and minerals needed for your child\'s development -Great tasting flavour and milky texture will make it easier for your child to enjoy -For children aged 0-12 month..
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Brands: Kari Home
Karihome Goat Whole Milk Powder This product is produced from fresh goat milk, from which only the water has been removed. The goat milk powder can then be reconstituted in water to produce a crisp and wholesome drink that provides the unique nutritional benefits of goat milk for adults. Specificati..
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Brands: Dutch Lady
Sufficient and adequate nutrient intake is important for the growth and development of children. Brain growth is also important at this stage. -DHA is one of the important components in the brain. While proteins play a role in growth and improve body tissue. Calcium also helps the development of st..
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Brands: Dutch Lady
A balanced and sufficient nutrition intake is crucial for the growth and development of children. The development of the brain is also crucial at this stage. DHA plays an important role in the brain whereas protein facilitates growth and helps repair body tissues. Dutch Lady® 456 contains 5X DHA*,..
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Brands: Dutch Lady
• A balanced and sufficient nutrition intake is crucial for the growth and development of children. The development of the brain is also crucial at this stage. • DHA plays an important role in the brain. Whereas protein facilitates growth and helps repair body tissues. • Calcium on the other hand ..
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Brands: Anmum
Anmum™ Essential is formulated to support your child's development, to reach their full potential. -For children 1 year old and above -Honey Flavoured..
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Brands: Anlene
Anlene Gold is scientifically formulated with MFGM ActiveTM, higher protein and no added sugar. Drink 2 glasses a day and make the change today!..
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Brands: Fern Leaf
1.8kg -Description : Fernleaf Family Milk is a powdered milk drink designed to provide everyday nutrition for your whole family. It is made from milk that contains dairy natural goodness from New Zealand...
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Brands: S26
• High Protein Blend which is 50% Whey Protein and 50% Soy Protein. This high-quality protein blend is easy to digest and helps to support muscle strength. • It also comes with Prebiotic FOS, which is a type of dietary fiber, helps to promote better digestion and promote growth of good bacteria in t..
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Brands: Nan
NAN HA2 SCOOP is a follow up formula for healthy infants from 6 months onwards. It contains an optimized protein blend with cow's milk protein..
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Brands: Everyday
Formulated with essential nutrients and vitamins, nestle everday milk powder provides nourishment for the whole family. Containing all the goodness of milk, nestle everday helps ensure that both children and adults are able to develop strong, healthy bodies and active minds...
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Brands: Nespray
Nespray is a full cream milk powder fortified with essential nutrients contains calcium, protein, vitamin D, iron, vitamin B2, B12, C, folic acid, zinc and other essential nutrients that are essential for strong and healthy growth of children. ..
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Brands: Dutch Lady
Dutch Lady Chocolate Flavoured Milk is an indulgent blend of smooth, creamy milk and rich taste of chocolate flavour. It\'s a delicious and nutritious family favourite for any time of the day. With the improved recipe, this delicious snack is now even better than before!..
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Brands: Enfalac
Enfalac A+ Follow-Up Formula Step 2 with DHA+ARA is designed to provide nutrition for infants 6 to 18 months for their development. Enfalac A+ follow-Up Formula Step 2 is now added with MFGM Complex , a whey protein concentrate which contains Milk fat Globule Membrane...
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Brands: S26
Wyeth S26 SMA suitable for infants 0-12 month. Scientifically formulated growing-up milk that provides important nutrition for your toddler's multiple areas of development. Key Features: Contains higher * levels of DHA, Lutein and Choline...
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