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Brands: Yeos
1st in Malaysia to produce Canned Curry Chicken. Great authentic curry meat range with no preservatives & no added MSG. Enjoy quick, easy & delicious meals in just 2 minutes, anytime of the day, anyway you like it. Yeo’s meat range includes Curry Chicken, Rendang Chicken, Vindaloo Chicken, Kurma Chi..
RM 6.30
Brands: Yeos
High quality, tantalizing seafood delight with no preservatives & no added MSG for you to enjoy anytime of the day, anyway you like it. Yeo’s Seafood range includes Prawn Sambal, Anchovies Sambal, Fish with Salted Black Beans, Curry Cockles and Sardine in Tomato Sauce...
RM 4.40
Brands: Tong Foong
RM 8.50
Brands: Yeos
RM 4.50
Brands: Cheong Chan
Cheong Chan Pickled Lettuce is great condiment that you should have in your home. You can eat it with salads, burgers, porridges, rice and practically everything else! It has a unique taste that will whet your appetite, making you want to eat more and more!..
RM 5.90
Brands: Ayam Brand
Ayam Brand™ Sardines are from cold seas. Living in the extreme cold condition makes them fattier, juicier and richer in Omega 3. The sardine oil may appear on the surface of the sauce in the form of white particles, depending of the storage temperature. It dissolves once heated. It is natural and it..
RM 9.90
Brands: Ayam Brand
It contains lower sodium content, and almost 30% less sugar than regular baked beans. Ayam Brand™ baked beans are made from premium quality big beans - the great northern beans. They are low in fat and source of dietary fibre, that helps to maintain a healthy digestive system & prevent high choleste..
RM 4.40 RM 3.99
Brands: Ayam Brand
The Whole Kernel Corn is packed fresh from the harvest and with highly selected quality. High protein and fiber content makes it a more satisfying food that can help in appetite control...
RM 3.10
Brands: Ayam Brand
Sweet Corn cream style is made from sweet and crunchy corn. All Ayam Brand™ products contain NO preservatives and NO added MSG...
RM 3.80
Brands: NA
RM 7.55
Brands: NA
Freshly hand-picked longan fruits and carefully packed to retain the goodness, Suntree Longan in Syrup offer you a delicious, tender and firm texture of longan. Suitable for your whole family by simply add it to another beverages or cocktails...
RM 10.50
RM 3.40
Brands: NA
Peace Brand King Lychee in Syrup captures and preserves these excellent qualities of lycees as in fresh fruit. You can enjoy it by itself or use in any sweet or sweet and sour dish or as an appetizer, dessert or for simply an occasional bite...
RM 7.95
Brands: Ayam Brand
Just tuna, water and salt. Low in fat. High lean protein food. Great for gym enthusiast. All Ayam Brand™ products contain no preservatives and no added MSG. ..
RM 7.40
Brands: Ayam Brand
Ayam Brand™ selects only cold oceans' mackerels. The fishes are tasty, fatty, tender and full of natural Omega 3. Mackerel is especially rich in Vitamin B12 which is ideal for our nervous system and cannot be found in fruits and vegetables. Contain NO preservatives and no added MSG...
RM 9.90
Brands: Tong Foong
Tong Foong Sour Ginger can be eaten with sushi as \"gari\" or you can make a cocktail drink with it. This ingredient is best used when you want to add a distinct sourness and a mild spiciness, as well as a bright flavor to your meals...
RM 7.00
Brands: NA
In this hot sunny day, what to have to beat down the heatiness other than a refreshing, chilled drink? Perhaps, you can create your own drink recipe using Peace Brand Toddy Palm with Honey. It is produced with high-quality palm and also comes in sweet tasty honey...
RM 10.40
Brands: Kimball
A lovely and healthy addition to your salad and other dishes...
RM 5.50
Brands: Tc Boy
Now you can enjoy lightly marinated, perfectly seasoned premium tuna anytime you want! Perfectly seasoned with tomato paste, chili and garlic. You can enjoy it in so many ways! Salad, Sandwich, Pizza, Wrap & Pasta. No MSG, No Perservatives!..
RM 5.75
Brands: Ayam Brand
Wild caught tuna in a creamy mayonnaise, ideal as a savoury spread on crackers or bread. Fine bites of tuna in delicious tangy mayonnaise. ..
RM 7.40 RM 6.89
Brands: NA
Suntree Fruit Cocktail is made from freshly picked fruits from the trees and immediately packed to seal in all the tangy goodness! Contains mix of tropical fruits, delicious, tender yet firm in texture for the healthy choice for the entire family...
RM 9.88
Brands: Sing Long
An all time favourite tasty combination of olives and vegetables...
RM 7.02
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