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Brands: Boh
Highly aromatic with a delicate, tangy lemongrass scent. A surprisingly light and refreshing infusion. Highly aromatic with a tangy lemongrass, lime and lemon flavour. This infusion is light and refreshing with a delicate lemony scent that leaves you de-stressed, relaxed and invigorated...
RM 14.60
Brands: Chek Hup
It is made from a secret blend of tea leaves and a unique brewing technique that involves pouring the tea back and forth to create a thick froth on top of the drink. Blended with rock sugar and contained no artificial tea flavoring...
RM 16.30
Brands: Milo
Milo brand is the world's leading chocolate malt beverage that can be prepared with hot or cold milk or water. Given its popularity it is a “must have” product for food service operators particularly in Asia, Africa and Oceania...
RM 38.80
Brands: Indocafe
Indocafé White is a no sugar added instant coffee with Non-Dairy Creamer. It can be drunk as Unsweetened White Coffee or can be sweetened with your own choices of sweetener. Indocafé White is suit for everyone who loves healthier life...
RM 11.20
Brands: Aik Cheong
Blended from graded beans, Cappuccino flavour excels exquisitely with body well-balanced and aroma robust rich. Here’s to discovering a perfect cup every time...
RM 15.90
Brands: Aik Cheong
Made from the finest quality tea powder and brewed to perfection. Blended with sugar and non dairy creamer. Delivers a traditional impression complete with delightful fragrance and freshness that\'s everlasting. ..
RM 15.58
Specially blended to create that distinctive Lipton flavour you love and packed in a cost-effective pouch bag format. Great for efficient brewing in large-scale operations such as large food establishments and functions. Suitable for making both hot and ice tea...
RM 6.10
Brands: Cheri Mas
Ho Yan Hor Night tea comes with a concoction of 21 Traditional Medicinal herbs with Premium Mulberry tea, helps to relief tension, relax and unwind, for a good rest at night. Added with Mulberry tea leaves, helps in reducing tired eyes and aid liver cleansing. Promotes natural healing and improve bo..
RM 16.90
Brands: Nature
Features: Formulated with brown rice powder (wholegrain) Enriched with spirulina No added sugar No preservatives..
RM 10.80
Brands: Chek Hup
A medium-dark roast with an extraordinarily rich profile and bold aroma. Made with coffee beans from Africa and Asia. The golden ratio for perfectly balanced coffee, blended with Chek Hup low-GI rock sugar and no artificial flavoring...
RM 17.20
Brands: Horlicks
Horlicks is a Health Drink that has nutrients to support immunity. Horlicks is clinically proven to improve 5 signs of growth and is clinically proven to make kids taller, stronger and sharper...
RM 29.15
Brands: Super (Super)
Our Super Power series of beverage products.- the Super Power 6in1 coffee, with its freeze-dried coffee and robusta beans used and its exotic blend of herbs such as Tongkat Ali, Misai Kuching and Ginseng caters to males who need the energy boost. Known for its aphrodisiac qualities in the herb Tongk..
RM 16.50
Brands: Boh
Behind every cup of BOH is a fine-tuned process with meticulous attention to quality. BOH uses a combination of traditional and modern methods to harvest and produce authentic Malaysian teas of distinctive character, flavour and aroma..
RM 11.15
Brands: Salute
This presents a special blend of high grade soluble instant coffee, non-dairy creamer and sugar. We take pride in our commitment to guarantee its quality and taste at all times. It comes in small sachet to ensure its freshness and maintain its unique flavor. It serves as a perfect drink to all...
RM 10.50
Brands: 888
888 Coffee has selected premium Robusta coffee bean. It is skillfully roasted and blended to bring out the unique taste of coffee...
RM 12.50
Brands: Hei Hwang
Hei Hwang Almond Meal is a healthy food with no added sugar. It originates from Taiwan with the combination of the most advanced technology and high-quality almond as the main ingredients. It gives a smooth, satisfying taste...
RM 19.00
Brands: Hei Hwang
Description High Fibre High Protein No Added Sugar / Dairy / Creamer Cholestrol & Trans Fat Free..
RM 12.90
Brands: Hei Hwang
Black sesame is a good source of magnesium and calcium,which are important to help regulate blood pressure and aid in strong bone development.Black sesame seeds also help lower serum cholesterol levels as they are rice in dietary fiber and phytosterols. On the other hand, chinese yam is often used i..
RM 25.00
Brands: Hei Hwang
Walnuts are identified as one of the 14 \"Superfoods\" because of it\'s high Omega-3-content. Walnuts are the only nut that contain significant amount of Omega-3, which can convert to EPA & DHA in our body once consumed. A current study concluded that EPA & unsaturated fats found in walnuts are good..
RM 29.90
Brands: Chek Hup
No Added Artificial Coffee Flavouring. Enjoy the pure, original taste of authentic gourmet Colombian latte coffee. 6 individually packed signature rock sugar sticks. 23g x 6 sachets..
RM 18.15
Vit's Instant Noodles, Curry Flavour, gives you a mix of multiple Asian cuisines and flavours. The Vit's Instant Noodles, Curry Flavour, has a desi touch to it. These noodles are made with top-quality ingredients to bring you a supremely delectable meal that works great for lunch or dinner. ..
RM 6.10
Brands: Aik Cheong
Aik Cheong 3 in 1 Coffee Mix Brown is made only from Robusta and Arabica beans, specially brewed to its premium taste. Blended with creamer and brown sugar in well adjusted ratios, promises a rich and robust aroma...
RM 7.34
Brands: Super (Super)
Carefully selected coffee beans from Colombia and other origins are ground using Microground technology, then combined with instant coffee and creamer. For a vibrant but smooth blend that contains the aromatic essence of Arabica coffee. Unlock the balance of smooth body and intensity in every cup, w..
RM 12.75
Brands: Hei Hwang
Hei Hwang Pure Almond Powder is a healthy food with no added sugar. It originate from Taiwan with the combination of the most advanced technology and good quality almond as the main ingredients. It gives a smooth, satisfying taste. Ingredients: Almond Powder 500GM..
RM 64.00
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