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Brands: Julies
Golden baked puff biscuits sprinkled with a thin layer of salt coupled with a layer of cream filling made from the ultimate combination of cocoa and hazelnut...
RM 16.60
Brands: Tonggarden
Quality cashews and decadent macadamias mingle in this luxuriant combination. The lush savoury taste of baked cashews is enhanced by sweetness as honey infuses the entire concoction. Truly a pleasure. When you\'re hungry and in a hurry, reach for one of these quick, easy and nutritious snack!..
RM 4.11
Brands: Tonggarden
These smoked cashews and almonds are suffused with the savoury scents of quality barbecue. Perfect as a big-game snack, or for unwinding with a beer on the balcony. A taste of the great outdoors...
RM 4.11
Brands: Tonggarden
Delicately sugared and carefully roasted peanuts are the star in this exquisitely classic amalgamation. A perfect sweet and nutty snack...
RM 1.50
Brands: Tonggarden
Broad beans are an excellent vegetable source of protein and fibre. Broad beans are also rich in both folate and B vitamins, which we need for nerve and blood cell development, cognitive function and energy...
RM 1.50
Brands: Nutrione
The health nut’s dream: Cashews, shelled pistachios, baked almonds, jumbo golden sultana raisins and dried figs. All natural without added flavourings. Snack till your heart’s content...
RM 8.86
Brands: Tonggarden
Freshly roasted pistachio delicately salted to bring our the sweetness of each kernel. Pry open the shell of each smiling nut to be rewarded with a sweet and fragrant kernel within. This snack is not only delicious, its fun to eat and great for you!..
RM 14.24
Brands: Tonggarden
The health nut’s dream: Cashews, shelled pistachios, baked almonds, jumbo golden sultana raisins and dried figs. All natural without added flavourings. Snack till your heart’s content. This product has also been given the Healthier Choice Logo!..
RM 14.24
Brands: Mentos
Pure breath and intense freshness! Mentos Pure Fresh Sugarfree Gum with green tea extract delivers pure breath confidence anytime, anywhere! The bottle format is perfect for travelling in the car, study, or at the office desk. This unique sugar free gum has a crunchy shell and a flavoured centre, wh..
RM 7.25
Eclipse Mints deliver superior breath freshening, intense flavor and convenient portability...
RM 6.20
-14 %
Brands: Julies
The OAT 25 Ten Grains biscuit is packed with Australian rolled oat blended with nine whole grains and seeds. The lovely combination of oat and multi-grains also enhances the overall appearance of the cookies and renders a nutty taste to the palate...
RM 8.80 RM 7.59
Brands: Tonggarden
Onion and garlic are the twin pillars of flavour in cooking, so we added them to these buttery skinless broad beans to give you a snack experience that’s reminiscent of a culinary one...
RM 5.42
Brands: 5 Gum
100% original product from Wrigley\'s , Travel pack size - great for snacking..
RM 4.50
Brands: Popo
This beloved snack of Malaysians is crunchy and full of flavours! POPO Muruku comes in its original pea recipe seasoned with herbs and spices. It is an all-time snack for any occasion and can be enjoyed by people of all ages. Simply great in taste you\'ll love it!..
RM 6.25
-16 %
Brands: Pringles
Pringles pizza is a unique combination of cheese and tomato notes developed for the Indian audience. Italian is the most salient international cuisine in India...
RM 6.30 RM 5.29
Brands: Tic-Tac
This is Tic Tac\'s first new mint flavor since the introduction of Powermint Tic Tac mints in 2010, this latest flavor is a unique blend of artificially flavored spearmint mints that mixes smooth, mild light green pills and intense, refreshing dark green pills for the perfect experience...
RM 2.45
Brands: Cadbury
The equivalent of a glass and a half of full cream milk in every 200g of Cadbury Dairy Milk milk chocolate. ..
RM 9.98
-15 %
Maretti Slow Roasted Garlic Bruschetta Chips, baked bread circles with a generous helping of roasted garlic. A simple, yet exquisite flavour combination. Maretti Bruschette are generously seasoned and you can enjoy them as a delicious snack straight from the bag or together with your favourite dips ..
RM 4.10 RM 3.50
-15 %
Maretti Tomato, Olives and Oregano Bruschette Chips are made with traditional Mediterranean flavours of juicy tomatoes, dark olives and fresh oregano on deliciously crunchy, double-baked bread circles...
RM 4.10 RM 3.50
Brands: Tomorion
A cream–filled custard cakes that have such a homemade tastes which is commons for parents to put some in their children\'s lunchboxes and bring to office for tea-break snacks! An alternate choice of light breakfast to start the day!..
RM 8.75
Brands: Mamee
Mamee Monster Hot and Spicy Noodle Snack is crunchy, tasty and ready-to-eat. Comes in convenient individual packs so that you can have it at anywhere you like. Just shake it, crunch it and munch it for unlimited enjoyment!..
RM 3.50
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