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Brands: WALL'S
Chocolate flavoured ice confection with brownie pieces and almonds...
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Brands: Lactel
Indulgence now comes with a new and improved recipe. Lactel Greek Style yogurt is now even creamier, thicker and richer, and it still gives you all the benefits of live cultures...
RM 4.80
Brands: Vege
- Has bouncy touch - Has vegetables and fish savor - Comes in 400g (14.1 oz) per package - Dimension: 320 x 450 x 170 mm / 12.6 x 17.7 x 6.7 inch - Storage condition: -18°C (-0.4°F) / no room temperature - 24 months shelf life (2 years)..
RM 7.80
Brands: Vege
Well known for its elegant taste as a sumptuous Dim Sum dish, the delicious Veg. Siew Mai has garnered great praise and is a favorite for vegetarians everywhere Cooking Method: - Deep Fry (Frozen) : Pre-heat oil at 160C, deep fry for 3-4 minutes. - Stir Fry (Frozen) : Stir fry with other delicac..
RM 6.65
Brands: Vege
Ingredient: Ingredients: Soya Bean, Sugar, Water, Spices, Permitted Favoring Our Vege drumstick is the most favorite soy textured food even for non-Vegetarians. This is a special product for all food lovers which gives the feel, joy and taste like chicken. It is made from Non- GMO soybean and arom..
RM 8.45
Brands: Vege
Ingredients: Yam Powder, Carrot, Salt, Sugar and Seasoning (100% Vegetarian) Weight: 400GM Cooking Suggestions: Stir Fry, Boil Soup, Steamboat, Fried Rice or Noodles, deep fry, stewed NOT Contains: Shallot, Garlic, Leek, Chinese Chire, Alcohol, Preservatives..
RM 8.45
Brands: Pertama
Pertama Spring Roll Pastry Egg 5” (Plain) Packing: 50 sheets (packet)..
RM 3.70
Brands: Kg Pastry
KG Pastry spring roll pastry turns delightfully crispy and golden brown when deep fried just right, enhancing the flavour of your spring rolls. Let it work wonders in your kitchen and culinary journey!..
RM 7.40
Brands: Ayamas
Ayamas Bebola Ayam 450g -Ayamas’ famous Chicken Meatballs are easy to cook and eat! Quality assured, and containing no Trans Fat, Preservatives or MSG, this Ayamas dish is also easily loved by everyone...
RM 9.00
Brands: Ayamas
Ayamas Golden Chicken Nuggets have always been the crowd favourite. Coated with crunchy golden bread crumbs, this snack contains no trans-fat, preservatives or MSG and will always be the winning choice with everybody, anytime. // 850G ..
RM 16.50
Brands: Farmbest
\"Natural flavours PLAIN -850G -Fully cooked -No trans fat -Only white meat used (breast meat) -No added preservatives, artificial colouring and MSG\"..
RM 15.10
-19 %
Brands: Harvest Gourmet
The ultimate golden treat with a scrumptious crunchy coat and succulent core crafted with 100% plant-based goodness! Abundant in fibre, an awesome source of protein, low on cholesterol and low in saturated fat - A healthier pick with tasty yumminess for you and the fam to savor...
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Brands: Magnolia
Magnolia Justice League Ice Cream..
RM 7.40
Brands: Magnolia
Magnolia Justice League Ice Cream..
RM 7.40
Brands: Fern Leaf
Mango & Strawberry flavoured cultured milk drink, fat free and does not contain any preservatives. Best served chilled over ice during a hot sunny day...
RM 4.55 RM 4.19
Brands: Kami
KAMI FISH FILLET (DORY) is a variation of dory fish product supplied by Kanika. KAMI FISH FILLET (DORY) , also known as Basa fillet (for US market) comes from the Pangasius fish. For Malaysian, it is ikan patin (river catfish). There are generally 3 grades of dory fillet (quality and taste), the bet..
RM 15.00
Pizza dough is the foundation and every great pizza begins with a great pizza base. This ready pizza base is great for beginners and produces a soft homemade pizza crust. Skip the pizza delivery because you only need this to begin!..
RM 13.05
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