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Brands: Farmbest
Chicken Frankfurter with Cheese is made from fresh, natural, skinless whole chicken and loaded with cheese! Experience the superb flavor and smooth texture of the franks yourself. You will surely be impressed with it...
RM 7.80
Brands: Everbest
Taking Inspiration From Traditional Asian Cuisine, The Veg. Pandan Chicken Is Wrapped In Pandan Leaf To Enhance Its Authentic Flavor. It Easily Matches Its Counterpart In Taste, Aroma And Texture...
RM 15.50
Brands: Dutch Lady
Dutch Lady 0% Fat Grape Yoghurt Drink can help to maintain good natural defences. It is a delicious snack that contains vitamins A, C, E and active live culture which can provide good nutrition for you and your family...
RM 5.80 RM 5.30
-13 %
Anchor Unsalted Butter is made from all-natural, pure New Zealand ingredients - no added colouring, preservative or artificial flavour...
RM 13.80 RM 11.99
Brands: Lactel
Lactel Greek Style yogurt is now even creamier, thicker and richer, and it still gives you all the benefits of live cultures...
RM 4.80
Brands: Farm Fresh
It made from 100% genuine fresh milk, Farm Fresh Mixed Berries Low Fat Yogurt Drink contains no colouring and it is low in fat!..
RM 6.25
Brands: WALL'S
Vanilla flavored ice cream with chocolate flavored syrup..
RM 13.90
Brands: Baskin Robbins
Rich white chocolate flavored mousse ice cream swirled with milk chocolate flavored gives you unforgatable taste...
RM 51.90
-13 %
Brands: Marina
Marina Square Burger is made from selected high quality chicken breast meat, providing household consumers with the convenience of enjoying tasty burger patties with sandwich bread...
RM 8.05 RM 6.99
Brands: Pacific West
Crispy natural fish bites with popcorn flavoured coating...
RM 23.20
Brands: Farm Fresh
Perfect for that kick you need at home, the office or on-the-go, Farm Fresh Cafe Latte is made only from the freshest full cream milk with a double shot of coffee...
RM 11.05
Brands: Mushroom
It is made with finest quality fish meat with fish roe mix fillings. Ideal for all occasion and cooking method...
RM 13.65
Brands: Kg Pastry
Whether cooking your favourite stir fry dish or Italian pasta, frozen vegetables can prove to be a versatile ingredient to accompany your culinary journey. With their taste and freshness preserved, Kawan frozen vegetables would be a great addition to your cooking...
RM 5.30
Brands: Lactel
Lactel Greek Style Yogurt Strawberry is creamy and smooth yet has a thick texture that makes it oh-soluxurious. It has no artificial colouring and contains live cultur..
RM 12.35
Brands: Naturel
It is a healthy breakfast bread spread that provides the goodness of omega-3 DHA. Adopt a nutritional breakfast repertoire today to boost your child\'s brain development with meaningful amounts of DHA with Naturel...
RM 13.85
-13 %
Brands: CP
Delicious Spicy drummet is great as snack...
RM 22.90 RM 19.99
Brands: CP
Crispy Chicken Fingers are coated in a light and crispy batter, giving them the perfect texture and flavor. And with the added benefit of DHA, you can feel good about serving them to your family as a healthy and nutritious snack option...
RM 16.50 RM 14.99
Brands: Mushroom
Mushroom Fish Filament really stand out in any dish with its unique flavor and texture. Ideal for salad, soup or skewered...
RM 12.30
Brands: CP
Anything with cheese can\'t never go wrong! Cheese just compliment the sausages taste and gives you joy right after eating it...
RM 7.60
Brands: CP
Made using high-quality ingredients, CP Smoked Chicken Cocktail tastes great when fried, boiled, steamed, grilled or even microwaved!..
RM 7.60
Brands: CP
Made using high-quality ingredients, CP Smoked Chicken Frankfurter tastes great when fried, boiled, steamed, grilled or even microwaved!..
RM 7.60
Brands: Farmbest
Natural flavours 100% whole breast meat (Chicken Fillets) Extra crunchy (Chicken Fillets) Fried in vegetable oil Tempura battered (Chicken Snackers) No added preservatives, artificial colouring and MSG 500G..
RM 13.99
-16 %
Brands: NA
It\'s a cool and refreshing dessert that\'s infused with fresh fruits so you get more with every bite. Made from natural ingredients and without any added preservatives, MARIGOLD Fruit Jelly is a fabulous treat for any occasion, perfect as a light and healthy snack or dessert after a meal...
RM 4.15 RM 3.50
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